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Klampani Win Junior Cazma Cup

The Croatian Junior Indoor Cricket Championships was held in the sports hall of OŠ Čazma again with four competing teams from OŠ Berek and OŠ Čazma. Each team, consisting of eight players, played two games each, with four batting pairs per team. Each batting pair faced three overs and each fielder bowled at least one over, with four fielders bowling two. The competition winners was decided on the team with the highest net run rate, and the results were as follows: 1. Klampani from OŠ Čazma + 33 2. Bijeli Tigrovi from OŠ čazma + 32 3. Sobline Anakonde from OŠ Berek - 23 4. Lavovi from OŠ Berek - 42 In game one, Bijeli Tigrovi faced Lavovi and overcame their opposition by 25 runs. Lavovi batting first scored 33, while Bijeli Tigrovi replied with 58. Game 2 saw the Klampani beat Sobline Anakonde by 16 runs. The Kauboji batting first scored a mere 21 with the Klampani replying with 37. With Bijeli Tigrovi scoring just 23 in innings one of game 3, Sobline Anakonde seemed sure of victory. However, some disciplined bowling and sharp catching saw them end on just 16, giving Bijeli Tigrovi victory by 7 runs. In the final game of the afternoon, the Klampani needed to win by a sufficient margin to claim the title against the Lavovi team. Klampani managed only 29 but determination saw them through by restricting Lavovi to only 12 runs. This helped them claim the title by the smallest margin of just one run. Player of the tournament was 5th grader Mijo from Bijeli Tigrovi