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Zagreb Sokol Win 2015 Croatian Indoor Cup


Congratulations to Zagreb Sokol for winning the 2015 Croatian Indoor Cup held over the weekend in the capital Zagreb.

Sokol were unbeaten all weekend and only in the final game had a positive score posted against them. The tournament was played in good spirits and those who turned up to watch were treated with two matches that went down to the very last ball of the match.

Final Standings:

Sokol - 6 points
Hawks - 2 points
Vis - 2 points
Split - 2 points

Batsmen of the tournament - Tahir Rasool (Sokol)
Bowler of the tournament - Petar Mardesic (Split)
Spirit of Cricket award - Surka (Vis)

Winning Sokol team:
1. Kreso Kekez
2. Mark Davies
3. Vjeko Milanovic
4. Chris Osbourne
5. Tahir Rasool
6. Vedran Zanko
7. Lloyd Anderson
8. Paul Musin (c)
9. Marko Mance